4 Simple Items To Include On Your Author Visit Website


As you prepare for school visits or speaking engagements, you need to create a dedicated webpage on your author website. By doing so, you are telling your readers that author visits are a focus for you and your picture book business.

You want to make sure the webpage is easily accessible and has these 3 critical items to entice your ideal readers to reach out and inquire about a school visit.

#1 Include a description of your presentation and or workshops

You should have a pretty good summary of your presentation so that any teacher or librarian can get a sense of what to expect for a school visit. Include:

  • The length of your presentations.

  • The number of times you are willing to provide for a half day or full day appearance.

  • What are the takeaways or benefits of having you visit a school.

Remember, it’s more than just selling your picture books. It’s your chance to tell your story about why literacy is important to you.   

Workshops should not be thrown in as an after-thought. Instead, be very intentional with what you want to teach. And most importantly you should be comfortable with the idea of teaching. If the idea scares you, then don’t put added stress on yourself. It’s not worth it!

Workshops are a great way to broaden your offering, especially if your picture books are more geared towards the younger crowd. You can turn a half day experience into a full day with them. It’s also possible to offer workshops in the evening to make it a family affair.

Your workshop descriptions should include the same points I made above for presentations.

#2 Add Photos or video of yourself in action at school visits with testimonials

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to seeing you in action. Then you add testimonials and now you’ve entered the world of legitimacy.

These are especially true for novice authors-illustrators who are just starting with school visits. Teachers and librarians want to see what they are signing up for and if their peers have already experienced your visits and workshops, that’s just icing on the cake!

Today, video is such a powerful tool and it is the preferred way for most to get a peek into a brand. So if you can do it, take the time to ask for permission to take video and use it to promote your brand everywhere you can! Note: Permission is necessary for videos or photos. Make sure to check with the schools before taking photos or recording videos.

Intersperse your copy, testimonials, video or photos throughout your website as it makes it more interesting to your reader.  

#3 List all the places you have visited to provide credibility

In addition to videos, photos, and testimonials -  once you have visited a considerable amount of schools, libraries, conferences, and festivals – generate a list and all it to your author page. It paints the picture of how well your presentations and workshops have been received at other events.

#4 Share your fees!

You might be thinking, REALLY? WHY?

It’s true that publishing your fees makes it pretty easy for schools and event organizers to decide about reaching out for a visit. They are super busy and the less back and forth that is required, the better. In fact, listing your fees can seal the deal immediately.

The alternative is perhaps a deterrent to some teachers or librarians and they possibly could just pass you up, thinking that you are out of their price range.

Overall, have fun and be proud of the presentations and workshops you have designed. I’d love to see your author page. Drop me a link below and I’ll stop by to take a look!

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