My Review of 3 Popular Online Instagram Courses


The date was about a year ago when I thought to myself, I need to be on social media if I want to grow my consulting business. I even panicked for a moment because I barely knew what that meant.

The thought of posting on all of the social media platforms had me feeling anxious, because honestly I didn’t want to do it. I truly hoped that word of mouth marketing and referrals would be enough and for the most part, they were.

However, my business voice told me that I needed social media as well. So I put on my researcher hat and scoured the internet for online Instagram courses.

Wait, you might be wondering why Instagram? Well, it’s because I love this platform. I felt Instagram would help me connect with my potential clients through photos of my favorite things and microblogging in my feed. Plus, 500 million people use this platform!

Below, I’ll share my thoughts about 3 Popular Online Instagram Courses I took over a 4 month period.

Spoiler Alert: Every single course was useful! I took the best strategies from each course and applied those strategies into my business. Let’s dig in!

Instagram with Intentions.jpg

Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intention

Hilary’s Instagram with Intention was my very first Instagram online course that I purchased. I ran across it on Facebook and I swear Mark Zuckerberg knew I was in the market for it!!

It actually took me a lot of back and forth before I hit that purchase button. Not because Instagram with Intention wasn’t good, but more because I felt I couldn’t spend money when I wasn’t making money.

I cringed every time I thought about spending $297 on Hilary’s course because it sounded reckless, especially since I still needed a website. Eventually, I hit the PURCHASE NOW button and dove right in.

Instagram with Intention was 4 weeks long, but I binged watched it in a week. I listened to Hilary’s every word and definitely gained insight and it was a great introduction into the world of Instagram.

My biggest take away…

from Hilary’s course was about the look of my grid, specifically the quality of my photos. She stressed the importance of giving a good first impression to potential clients or followers when they visit your profile. In fact, I needed to consider my photos as a magazine of my personal brand.

I wasn’t surprised to hear the importance of aesthetics since I read Hilary was a stylist! So it made sense that the focus of the course was on presenting a cohesive look and feel in terms of photo themes, filters, and brand colors.

There was even a great lesson on the rule of thirds for photography - place your subject either in the top, bottom, right, or left of the photo and it will make a good composition.

After a week, I felt I had a great understanding of how to use my iPhone to take a pretty amazing photo and how to use the various filter apps for photo editing.

Where do you find Hilary’s course?

Unfortunately, it looks as if the Instagram with Intention course is no longer offered.

UPDATE: It seems I was mistaken when I originally wrote this post. I’m unsure how often Hilary Rushford offers this Instagram course, but your best bet is to google it and see if the doors are open. If enrollment is available, then the price is $197.

The Instagram Lab.jpg

Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab

After finishing Hilary’s course, I still felt as if I needed more tips and tricks. My photography was heading in the right direction, but I was struggling with my captions.

There were nights when I would sit and just stare at my photo not knowing what to write. Keep in mind, the only writing I knew how to do was in report form and that stemmed from my days as an engineer.

I needed help so once again, I searched the interwebs and found freebies about writing Instagram captions. I stumbled upon Jenna Kutcher’s webinar about Instagram and soon after I enrolled in her program, The Instagram Lab for $197.

Jenna’s course was 5 weeks long and I didn’t watch every module because I saw that some of her content was similar to Hilary’s. So I jumped directly to the module about captions.

My biggest take away…

from Jenna’s course was to implement storytelling, specifically personal brand storytelling in my IG captions to attract my potential followers. It was pretty evident from Jenna’s posts that she had mastered this technique.

Jenna thought about these three things each time she posted:

  • Why does this post matter? Why should anyone care?

  • Am I doing this story justice?

  • Is there a purpose behind your post?

And each post was written as if she was sitting down and telling you a story. Jenna has built trust among her followers who eventually bought her products. She owns a million dollar business and her business now includes marketing educator along with photography.

Where do you find Jenna’s course?

The Instagram Lab is still available, although it is now $247. Head to Jenna’s site if you want to check it out along with some of her other products for online marketing.

Follower to Fan Society.jpg

Tyler J. McCall’s Follower to Fan Society

Ok, now I was starting to put the pieces together for my Instagram account, but I still couldn’t wrap my head around the strategy of actually selling my services and making an impact.

This was such a frustrating feeling especially since I was a business strategist. However, what I have realized during this whole “be your boss thing” is that I won’t know it all and sometimes I need help!

So off to research I went on Instagram. Yup, you heard me right. I am one of those people that will search on IG for services or products that I need and I found Tyler J. McCall, an Instagram Marketing Strategist. BINGO!

I took many of Tyler’s free IG masterclasses and what I liked about him was that his zone of genius was Instagram. Tyler’s approach was refreshing! He was teaching me strategies to increase my engagement and it was the last piece missing in my quest of learning Instagram.

Soon after I listened to Tyler’s masterclasses, I joined his Follower to Fan Society for $59 a month. There were great resources for my business beyond the Instagram framework and I really liked knowing that any changes made to the platform, Tyler would create content inside his society to address it.

I slowly made my way through his modules and resources in 6 weeks. Things were starting to come together.

My biggest take away….

were Tyler’s techniques for engagement to turn your followers into raving fans. He constantly reminded me to create relevant content for my followers to encourage engagement. If I could do this consistently, then my followers would come back for more and turn into raving fans who would share my content with others and ultimately sell my services for me.

I also learned about the importance of creating a beginning, middle, and an end for my IG stories. Instead of just posting random photos or videos that left my followers disinterested. This strategy has proven to be another way for me to reach potential clients on IG.

Finally, the biggest take away from Tyler was the importance of labeling your account as a business account. Otherwise, flying blind without the metrics provided by IG would leave me clueless knowing which strategies were working.

Where do you find Tyler’s Follower to Fan Society?

Tyler opens the doors to the Follower to Fan Society (*affiliate link) every so often and it’s usually done after he gives a free masterclass that’s packed with so much good shiz!!! Make sure to get on the waitlist, because you don’t want to miss out! Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the monthly cost to be a member of FTF since it is a different price every time the doors open. Hope to see you inside!

There you have it! My review of the 3 online Instagram courses that I invested in for my business. As I stated initially, all of them had great tips, tricks, and strategies to offer. I took what I thought was the best and applied them to my business.

Have you bought an Instagram Course recently? What were some great take aways?

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