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Are you overwhelmed by the need to promote your book?

Do you want loyal fans but have no idea how to attract them?

If you’re just starting out I can share my experience and help you save time and grow an engaged audience!


You likely became a KidLit author or illustrator because you had a story to share, one that was dying to be told. Now you’re published, have several books and are boggled by all the promotion “stuff.”

Am I right?

Not to worry.

With my marketing genius and passion for KidLit plus your story-telling prowess we will create an online marketing plan that has your readers begging for more!

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Build Your Brand Masterclass

A step-by-step framework on how to grow an engaged online audience so you can land bigger opportunities, sell more books, and create the Children’s Lit career of your dreams.


 Don’t take my word for it…

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“Before taking the Build Your Brand masterclass I was struggling to connect with my audience. Engagement was low and I wasn't sure what kind of content to post. The Build Your Brand Masterclass helped me to hone in on my target audience and create content that is both engaging and authentic. I’m clearer on my "why" and I feel more confident connecting to my audience as my authentic self.”
- Contessa Hileman, Children’s Lit Author, I Don’t Have a Dog

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“I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the ways I could market my services and products, while also feeling stuck. I used to focus on sharing knowledge and being seen as an expert. Now I share more of my creative process and personal journey. It has taken the pressure off a bit. And I have a clearer strategy. I focus more on sharing who I am and making personal connections than pushing my books or services.”
- Heidi Fiedler, Children’s Lit Author & Editor, The Up Close & Know Nonsense Series

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“Before I took Tiny Triumph Co’s Build Your Brand masterclass, I hadn’t even thought about my online marketing strategy. I just wanted to make children’s books. Since taking the class, I have been working on the content I share online and in books, in finding a common theme that weaves through everything I do and make, and I have definitely noticed a warmth of response online as I continue to share from my heart.”
- Faith Pray, Author Illustrator of The Star Keeper


Are you tired of winging it?

Do you wish someone would just tell you how to market your book?

Are you unsure what you need to do to market your personal brand?

My clients and students attract bigger opportunities, have more leverage with publishers, more creative control with their projects, and more money from book sales. 

I can help you decode the world of online marketing in the KidLit publishing world. But I have to warn you, if you are expecting traditional, you won’t get it here! We are going to break the rules because I know a few secrets that work faster and are more effective.

I also know you’re here not just because you need help, but because you want an authentic approach to grow your audience that is personal.


Your tiny triumphs are my tiny triumphs, so let’s get started!


Build Your Brand Masterclass

Get the step-by-step framework to grow an engaged online audience so you can land bigger opportunities, sell more books, and create the children’s lit career of your dreams.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the masterclass:

  • Push & Pull Marketing - what is it, why it matters.

  • Assess your current marketing strategies - are they working?

  • Set one year goals to keep you focused.

  • Identify your ideal readers based on your goals.

  • Define your why which is how you make yourself unique.

What you’ll receive:

  • A 40 minute webinar that you can rewatch.

  • A downloadable notebook so you can follow along.

  • A roadmap you will create as a result of this Masterclass.

  • A new mindset around your personal brand.

  • At least one “Ah-ha!” moment!

  • Bonus: Instagram Blueprint

Investment: $297


Intensive Upgrade

(only 3 spots available)

Work 1:1 with me to accelerate your results. We’ll combine our efforts to ensure your online marketing strategy and messaging are on point. Ask me questions and I’ll be happy to tell you if you are on the right track! Together we’ll make it happen!

The Intensive Upgrade includes:

  • Everything in the Build Your Brand masterclass 


  • One 60 min call to answer any questions on the branding masterclass and ensure your message is on track

  • One 60  min call to discuss your planned Instagram content strategy for growing an online audience

Investment: $850

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Instagram Workbook ($197 value)

If you know that you should be committed to your Instagram account, but you’re not sure what to post or how to build your audience, you’re going to love this BONUS workbook!

You’ll get my step-by-step workbook to creating meaningful content and attracting your ideal readers who will become your raving fans! All it takes is 20 min a day…SERIOUSLY!

The BONUS includes:

  • Monthly calendar for planning content online: I show you how in just a few days you can create and schedule weeks worth of posts complete with stories and captions!

  • Daily checklist for online engagement. The #1 surefire way to grow an audience quickly.

  • List of prompts to help you create your captions: I’ll start you off with a month’s worth of brand themes and you can put your spin on it from there! 

  • List of hashtags ideas to include for your posts: Every post is unique, but you’ll be able to find your own best hashtags and have ideas to kick you off!


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Why me?

I’ve always loved the children’s lit industry, but for a long time I was on the sidelines. That was until I realized that my zone of genius was not writing or illustrating, but marketing and selling the authors and illustrators who I’ve admired from afar.

I was floored to hear how frustrated authors and illustrators were when it came to marketing their incredible stories, and that’s when I found my niche.

I combine my 10+ years in corporate marketing and sales with my passion for children’s lit to support authors and illustrators to find their ideal readers, sell more books, land lucrative opportunities, and create multiple revenue streams.

In other words, I build fanbases that pay off. I’ve done it for myself and have been able to create a successful children’s lit online marketing business. I’d love to share my knowledge and expertise so you can achieve your dream faster.

Each time one of my clients builds their audience it’s a Tiny Triumph that leads to big dreams realized. And that is a tiny triumph for me, too.

We probably haven’t met yet, but I’m already passionate about your book and YOU! Let me help you build the readership you crave and the children’s lit career you’ve always wanted.




What if I don’t have time to do an online class?

I know you can find 40 minutes in your day to invest in your career. I also know that after you watch the video and fill out the workbook your marketing struggles would greatly diminish. We both know you need a marketing roadmap and you’re procrastinating doing it because it’s not in your zone of genius - but it is in my zone of genius! I’m just the person to hold you accountable and help you knock this out!

Do I get access right away or do you drip out the content?

No drip torture here! You get all the content as soon as you sign up so you can jump right into shaping your future! Also you have access forever so you can always come back and redo it when your business takes off.

Do you give a money-back guarantee?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is you have to show up and do the work - I can’t do that for you, nor can I evaluate your effort from the other side of the Internet. I can hold you accountable, and I can provide you with support. So you do your part, and I’ll do mine - that’s a promise.

I already have a presence on every social platform, what else is there?

Through the Masterclass you will learn not only how to maximize your presence online, but also what type of content to post and most importantly, how to leverage social media to grow an audience who actively craves your books. It’s not about just hanging out a shingle, it’s about creating raving fans.

Will this help me grow an audience overnight? I need results fast!

If you just want numbers, there’s probably a bot for that. But if you want interaction from your ideal readers, then this Masterclass will show you how to build a lasting, sustainable, and engaged community of raving fans who will help you become wildly successful.

Am I going to have to talk about myself? Can’t I just write books?

Your ideal reader craves more from you - more books, yes, but also more of YOU. They want to get behind the scenes and understand who you are. They want to cheer you on and feel like they have an inside pass into your life. Trust me, building your personal brand will help your readers become even more interested in your books!

Oanh, I can’t spend that right now!

You have to decide if you want to invest in your career. You have to decide if you believe that building your brand will pay off in the way you see other authors succeeding. You have to decide if you want a career with multiple sources of income or if you’re going to sit back and hope for a big break. Make your own luck. Take control of your career. Start now.



What are you waiting for?
Aren’t you anxious to build the fanbase of your dreams?