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Want to grow an online audience of loyal, raving fans?

Let me teach you how so you can land bigger opportunities, sell more books, and create new levels of success.


Hey there,

I’m Oanh.

I’m a Branding Strategist and Online Marketing Expert for KidLit authors and illustrators who want to break the rules of traditional careers in children’s lit.

I help my clients to grow loyal audiences online and establish their personal brands so they can land more opportunities that go beyond their books.

When I’m not using my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to help my highly creative clients ground down and reach their goals, you can find me adventuring with my family in the Pacific Northwest.

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“Oanh taught me how to articulate the intention behind my picture book work. I didn’t realize defining my personal brand was so empowering. Thank you Oanh for all your help finding clarity and honing in on my marketing message.”
-Zoey Abbott, Illustrator of Twindergarten and Finn’s Feather

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“I appreciated Oanh’s business coaching. It really motivated me to get serious about my creative business. I realized I need to do the hard things to be a successful artist. I’m happy with the investment I made working with Oanh and I want to do more in the future.”
-Shelley Couvillion, Children’s Book Illustrator

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“Oanh has been absolutely instrumental in helping us grow our small business. Her insightful questions and helpful marketing strategies have sharpened our mission, thereby giving us the clarity and direction we needed to create a brand that feels authentic to who we are.”
-Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White, Authors of Shivers! And Time Tracers middle grade series

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“As an author, I didn’t really know how to start marketing myself for school visits, but Oanh made it easy. She took me step-by-step through the entire process. Not only does she provide great insights and marketing strategies, her enthusiasm and “no b.s.” attitude got me motivated!”
-Peter McCleery, Author of Bob and Joss picture book series

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“Through her expert consulting services, Oanh helped me develop marketing strategies for working toward my goals, was beyond genius in her brainstorming powers, and guided me as I built my brand. Her honest and caring approach makes the process enjoyable and fun, and she was there for me every step of the journey. My favorite trait of Oanh's? She NEVER wastes time. I'm hoping that skill rubbed off on me too :)”
-Emily Arrow, Children’s Lit Musician, Storytime Singalong Vol 1 & 2, Wintertime Singalong

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“Oanh is magical when it comes to branding! She has a very special knack and got me to my "why" which uncovered my niche. She helped me to understand that what I had to offer as a children's book author in a sea of other children's book authors was not only special but worthy. After finding my brand with Oanh I went from free school visits to paid school visits in weeks! And I launched my own kidlit podcast! We are lucky to have her in the kidlit industry and I am lucky to have her on my team.”
-Michele McAvoy, Author of The Gorilla Picked Me, My Superhero Grandpa, and Cookie & Milk

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“I've had the opportunity to work with Oanh on my own brand/message with the purpose of doing more school visits and public speaking. Little did I know working with her would force me to really think about why I was in kidlit, and in turn, figure out how I could connect with my audience. Together, we planned a clear message that has driven my public speaking, stories, and work! Oanh has a wide breadth of knowledge on such a niche market as children's literature and is a delightfully honest and bright mentor! ”
-Tracy Subisak, Illustrator of Shawn Loves Sharks, Cy Makes a Friend, and Grizzly Boy


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