You're a Blooming Kidlit Brand!

An author and or illustrator who takes their craft seriously and knows enough about marketing to be dangerous!

You are a fair weather marketing maven. You love sharing about your brand's personality as long as it's about your projects or work, not specifically you!

When your book is published, you are ready to shout about it to anyone and everyone who is listening. Your peers adore you and you're on the brink of having loyal, raving fans who are ready to buy without a second thought.

But, here lies the problem, you aren’t quite sure how to keep your loyal readers coming back, because you’d rather tell them about your book instead of sharing your why. So, you could use some guidance on how to strengthen your connection with your readers with a brand message.

You’ve seen the Kardashian's leverage their personal brand to sell products, but aren’t quite sure how to do the same in children’s lit. Not quite sure who the Kardashian's are? Well, it's that famous family that sells anything once they put their name on it.

You are a blooming brand that’s ready to take your personal brand to the next level!

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