You're a Budding Kidlit Brand!

An author or illustrator who takes their craft seriously, but couldn't be bothered with marketing!

You are nervous about sharing your work even your thoughts with strangers, let alone those who might be your readers, because you feel that no one is interested. 

You only dabble with social media when you remember to or have a published book to promote. You would give anything if your publisher would just market for you.

Ideal readers? Who are they? Why should you worry? Having your peers follow and like your work will do just fine and personal branding is for the Kardashians. Wait, never heard of them....well, it's that famous family who can sell anything if their name is on it!

Wouldn't you love your readers to buy every book you have published without constantly marketing it? WHY YES!

You are a budding brand that's going to push yourself out of your comfort zone and you are ready to learn!

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These quizzes aren't bullet proof so please forgive me for the mixup.